Custom Cakes

Linda has delivered cakes for various events for years. She is able to include any of your preferences into the custom order as well as meeting the needs for who have certain allergies or follow vegan and gluten-free diets. These products are made with select ingredients, to include ingredients from Italy. 

***Please come during store hours or contact Linda via email or social media to place a custom order***

***Lead times depend on the amount of orders needing to be made and the size of the order--the average lead time is currently 2+ days***

Prezzi Torte


¨     Includes creations such as citrus, carrot & apple cakes.

¨     Includes decorations such as nuts, glaze & Italian sprinkles.

      7”    (Carrot, apple cake, citrus) $36

      7”    (Vegan and gluten free)      $39

      9”    (Carrot, apple, citrus)         $43

      9”    (Carrot, apple, citrus)         $46

      10-12” (Carrot, apple, citrus)         $57

      10-12” (Vegan and gluten free option) $60


CAKE WITH CREAM and fruit and/or chocolate:

¨     VEGAN AND GLUTEN FREE extra $5 

¨     Vanilla or chocolate base

¨     Filled with pastry cream or chocolate cream, all the cakes are finish with fresh whipped cream, no butter no oil.

¨     Homemade decorations such as pastry cookies, fresh fruit, homemade chocolate, Italian sprinkles & nuts are included in the price.

      7”    $50 (vegan/gluten free extra $5)

      9”    $74 (vegan/gluten free extra $5)

      10-12” $90 (add $5 for specialty topping such as Italian Amarene cherries)



Without cream:

¨     Classic crust, whole wheat, oat or cocoa 

¨     Filled with choice of: pistachio spread extra $2, Nutella, peach, strawberry, apricot, grape jam 


      7”    $32

      9”    $36

      10-12” $45


PIES with cream

¨     Base: classic crust, cocoa, whole wheat, Gluten free and Vegan opt extra $2 

¨     Filled with jam and cream, any choice such as cream (pastry cream, lemon, chocolate or citrus cream, or homemade fresh pistachio cream or pure hazelnut cream extra $2)

¨     Decorations such as fresh fruit and chocolate designs are included in the price

      7”    $42

      9”    $53

      10-12” $75



¨     Made with old family traditional recipe: 

¨     Classic, pistachio extra $2, pure hazelnut extra $2 

¨     Decorations included in the price

      7”    $45

      9”    $65

      10-12” $96