About Linda's Dolci

My name is Linda Manias and I am from Pordenone, Italy.

I developed a strong passion for baking in 2016 when my husband and I moved from Italy to South Dakota for his final Air Force assignment. During this time, I missed (and craved) the wonderful pastries and cakes from my home country. Since there was nothing similar to my usual breakfasts in the area, the only option I had was to learn how to make them myself. I began to bake for hours each day, eventually selling my cakes at a local farmers market.

When we moved back to Italy in 2017, I continued baking and wrote several cookbooks to document some of the best recipes.

We relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2022. After a couple short months, a local cafe gave me the opportunity to sell my products at their shop. And in 2023, I finally had the chance to open my very own pasticceria. 

In Italy, food is not just something that we eat but something that is woven deeply into our culture. In the morning hours, you can walk through the streets and hear soft chatter among the people and the clinking of dishes of pastries and espressos being served. Meals are taken slowly and shared together with those we love. Life in Italy is slow, but those in the food industry such as bakers, chefs and waiters work diligently to deliver the best culinary experiences. This is an experience that I hope to give to my customers.